The members of the ECDN are mainly top-level experts in the field of over-indebtedness and financial inclusion from across Europe. They are experienced researchers with vast theoretical knowledge, seasoned debt advisors whose practical knowledge about the over-indebted are outdone by no one, and governmental and semi-governmental institutes. The members frequently share and develop their knowledge and experiences in order to support each other in the fight against over-indebtedness. This creates a strong association whose knowledge and expertise cannot be matched. Each member works to improve the field of debt advice, fight over-indebtedness or improve financial education on their own. The members of the ECDN work tirelessly to develop these standards on both a national and European level. 

Together we can do so much more

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  • We work together – as a European network – on fighting and preventing overindebtedness and promote financial inclusion on a national and international level.
  • We work to improve financial inclusion across Europe and to create a more social Europe
  • We work to improve the government’s knowledge and understanding of debt and its consequences.
  • We work to improve the standards of debt advice/counseling across Europe to improve the experience and help of the people in need.
  • We offer our members an extensive network of debt advice/counseling organizations and experts in the field from across Europe. Our members are also offered extensive inside knowledge on how debt advice/counseling work in the other member states and will be able to debate this and the situation within their own countries.

ECDN members

The members of the ECDN represent different European countries from across Europe. They also represent different types of associations and organizations all working within the field of over-indebtedness and financial inclusion. Below you can see some of our members, and read more about who they are, and how they work.

Want to learn more about being a member of the ECDN?

Do you want to take part in our work to improve financial education and fight over-indebtedness on national and European levels? Do you want to engage in knowledge sharing and improvement of this field in collaboration with other actors and experts? Then you should consider becoming a member of the ECDN. You can read more about becoming a member here.