Fighting over-indebtedness since 2007

The ECDN is short for European Consumer Debt Network. The ECDN represents our member organizations, and citizens of Europe, on the European policy level. We are in close contact with various European stakeholders to advance the interests of our members and EU citizens, both on a national and international level as well as yours as a consumer.

The ECDN is built on the experiences, expertise and activities of key actors within the fields of debt counseling and debt. The ECDN has 41 members, all working together to fight over-indebtedness and financial exclusion. The members consist of debt advice service organisations, consumer rights organisations, educational organisations, consumer agencies, and research institutes from 18 European countries. Our members help over-indebted households to resolve their debts and restore their financial balance through coaching, advice, debt prevention, and negotiations between the over-indebted household and the household’s creditors. The members promote financial health and help maintain the stability of our economy. However, each actor cannot fight over-indebtedness and financial exclusion on their own. To do so, we must work together to create visible changes on the European Policy level, which is the purpose of the ECDN.

Latest news

Here you will be able to find all of the latest news, not only within the ECDN but also other relevant news regarding the area of debt from around Europe. Under News you can find our older news as well as speak among older news. We also invite you to share relevant national and international news for the ECDN to disseminate, through our contact form for the Coordination office. Looking forward to hearing from you!. 


ECDN News June 2024

In our General Assembly in April 2024 we welcomed the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights /Malta and the Observatoire du Crédit et de

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The 2023 December Newsletter


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The 2023 Autumn Newsletter

In this edition: ECDN Statement: Article 36 of the Consumer Credit Directive long needed – Now adopted: The obligatory Provision of Debt Advice Services Croatian

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Our Work

The ECDN works to fight over-indebtedness and financial exclusion in several ways. Among other things, we develop our members’ potential, both in their interaction with over-indebted households and as organisations of dedicated professionals. We also provide a platform for capacity development and knowledge exchange, which creates a framework for cooperating with other stakeholders. Furthermore, we work to develop and improve financial literacy and education among European citizens, which you can read much more about below.


To fight indebtedness, there is an urgent need for debt advice and counseling initiatives in most of Europe. This page will give you a brief insight to the current debt advice services within different EU countries, while also providing information about significant organisations’ work within the field.


The reason that the ECDN exists is for the sake of the consumers. We strive to protect the consumers and your rights on a national and international level. Therefore, our main interest at the ECDN is to keep the consumer as our focal point. Read more about our initiatives toward consumer rights here.


Financial literacy has proven to be one of the main contributors to the fight against over-indebtedness. Therefore, the dissemination of financial literacy is crucial in serving the overall purpose for understanding and managing (your) debt - something we in the ECDN have a big focus on, both on an European as well as on national levels. Not only towards consumers but also others working with over indebted consumers.


The ECDN members are the overall foundation of the organization. Therefore, we always welcome new members to the ECDN family. You can meet our current members here.


The fight against over-indebtedness is highly dependent on the ongoing research within the sector. The society is under constant development and new struggles and solutions are arising. Therefore, ongoing research is important as it converts into practical actions and measures.


Our partnerships help us gain valuable knowledge, which can create better measures against over-indebtedness both nationally and internationaly. At the ECDN, we believe that bridge building can help serve an overall societal purpose. Read more about our current partners and how to become an partner.

Tool box

Due to the complicated nature of debt, we believe that the development of new initiatives and the maintenance of existing initiatives are contingent on the knowledge sharing across countries,. We believe that the sharing of tools and methods will optimize the way we all fight over-indebtedness.  Knowledge sharing as well as sharing tools among experts, and is one of the greatest contributors to the fight against over-indebtedness.


Our Coordination office is the fundament in the coordination of our work on both a national and European level as well as the drive behind our organisation.