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The European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN) is a European level civil society network built on the experiences and activities of key actors in the fight against over-indebtedness and financial exclusion – consisting of 41 debt advice services as well as consumer rights organisations, educational organisations, consumer agencies and research institutes from 18 European countries.

ECDN represent our members – and you as a citizens – on the European policy level. We are in close contact with various European stakeholders in order to advance our member’s interests both on a national and international level. Our members help over-indebted households to resolve their debts and restore their financial balance through coaching, advice, debt prevention and negotiations between the over-indebted household and the household’s creditors. Our members promote financial health and help maintain the stability of our economy.

ECDN work – among other things – to develop our member’s potential, both in their interaction with over-indebted households and as organizations of dedicated professionals. Our network provides a platform for capacity development and the exchange of knowledge and it creates a framework for cooperating with other stakeholders in order to support the day-to-day work of the debt relief professionals.

Four groups to combat over-indebtedness

One of the priorities at the Management Coomittee meeting on March 21st 2020, the Management Committee was to create four groups whose tasks will be to combat over-indebtedness in Europe caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. The first groups is the COVID-19 and debt Scientific Group, the second group is the Financial Education Group, the third group is the ECDN Expert Group, and the last group is the ECDN Political Group. Each group has a different purpose and consist of people from all across the European Union and Europe to ensure broad representation of knowledge and ideas – These groups will make the ECDN a stronger player on the European stage and they will help us fight over-indebtedness, both that caused by COVID-19, but also in general, and thus ensure a fiancially inclusive Europe! Below you can read more about each of the Groups:

Debt Scientific Group

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Stakeholder Group

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Debt Expert Group

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Education Group

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Debt is a cross border problem and we need cross border solutions!

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