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Counselling and methodical action

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Webinar, March 15, 2023

Different Approaches in Debt Advice

Invited national experts from Switzerland, Ireland and Croatia will speak on the topic of different approaches in debt advice. Speakers will discuss systemic, and holistic approaches, and alternative dispute resolution.

Systhemic counselling in debt advice
Dr. Christoph Mattes (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, University for Social Work)

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Counselling and methodical action

1. Consulting practice:
  • debt counseling process,
  • documentation,
  • duration (limitation number of meeting and time, time plan of advisory case)
  • content, meaning, and shaping of the first meeting
  • participation of those seeking advice
  • ethical principles of the free debt advisory
  • Questioning techniques,
  • Techniques of handling clients objections,
  • specifics of advisory via phone, email
  • summarizing
2. Methodical action and counselling concepts:
  • basics of communication,
  • specific language to clients of different social status,
  • consumer centric approach,
  • active listening (list of client needs),
  • building consumer relation,
  • coaching skills of advisor,
  • crisis management,
  • motivating conversation, developing positive perspective and future options,
  • systematic consulting,
  • holistic counseling (financial/legal/psychosocial help with pedagogical preventive work),
  • solution-oriented advice (step by step what the client should do),
  • resources-oriented advice.

This might include key aspects of consulting, counselling and methodology of debt advice.