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Insolvency law

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May 17, 2023

Relentless expert exchange and financial inclusion paths to promote stable debt advice services and fresh Start

Insolvency Regulations in Europe
Dr. Dieter Korczak, ECDN President, Lead Coordinator PEPPI

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Insolvency law

  1. Private bankruptcy procedures
    Procedure, duration, costs and deferral of costs, participants:
    • exempt claims,
    • subordinated claims,
    • obligations,
    • obligations to provide information and to cooperate,
    • basics and delimitation of standard insolvency proceedings,
    • peculiarities of (formerly) self-employed, proceedings (debt advice)
  2. Judicial debt settlement procedure
    • requirements,
    • execution,
    • consent substitution
    • annual rapport
  3. Residual debt discharge
    • granting,
    • denial,
    • period, conditions
  4. Insolvency trustee
    • role and duties,
    • asset realization,
    • obligations of the debtor to cooperate

This might include key aspects of national and European law regulations.

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