Education Group

The purpose of the Education Group

Improving the availability, access and quality of financial education is one of the main goals of the ECDN. It is also the main task of our Education Group, who works to collect and spread knowledge as well as education and training in the fields of over-indebtedness and financial inclusion. Education is needed if we want to help citizens overcome indebtedness and prevent financial exclusion of vulnerable consumers and citizens. The difficult situation among European households related to COVID-19 reminds us all of the importance of financial education and its practical dimension in our lives. Financial education not only equips us with the right knowledge and skills, but above all with the awareness to function in a difficult reality such as the global panic caused by a pandemic. But it is never too late to learn – for either us as debt advisors / counselors or consumers. Therefore, it is worth sharing as soon as possible ways to supplement your financial education so that you can control your financial situation more effectively and better prepare yourself for a difficult period in your life.

The work of the Education Group

The ECDN education group works to improve financial literacy among European citizens. Their work includes researching and collecting useful knowledge about financial issues and using this knowledge to create and produce high quality materials for educating financial literacy. The main goal of the Education Group is to help improve financial literacy across Europe in order to reduce the number of European citizens ending up in over-indebtedness and other financial issues constraining their well-being and opportunities in life.

Working with financial education

If your organisation has educational tools or important experiences with financial education, then you can help us improve the level and availability of financial education across Europe and help thousands of citizens in need! All you have to do is contact us, so we can share your tools with the members of the ECDN.