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November 14, 2023

Causes, circumstances and triggering events
How individuals and households in European countries end up in over-indebtedness

Dr. Dieter Korczak, ECDN President, Lead Coordinator PEPPI

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  1. Over-Indebtedness in your country:
    • ways of indebtedness,
    • causes, triggers, and effects of over-indebtedness for society individuals, and families,
    • target groups of debt advice (people who think they are in helpless situations, addicted people, former entrepreneurs, people with mental issues),
    • attitudes to consumption and behavioral patterns,
    • situation in over indebtedness in your country,
    • scientific research, public rapports.
  2. Debt Prevention and consumer protection.
  3. Sustainability and ecology.

This might include key aspects of the overindebtedness,as well as prevention activities.

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