The Management Committee is the managing body of the ECDN. Their main job is the day to day business of the organisation. The Management Committee also prepares the plan for the annual general assembly meetings, in collaboration with the coordination office. Together, they prepare drafts for changes in statutes and internal rules. The treasurer prepares the annual budget and account of the organisation. The Management Committee also manages collaborations and partnerships with external relations. Meetings in the Management Committee are held at least three times annually or if required by the organisation or the general assembly.

How it all works

The ECDN’s Management Committee is elected by the General Assembly by active members of the ECDN, and thus derives their authority from the General Assembly. They are elected for four years, and active members can be elected multiple times, with 1-3 members frequently being reelected. The Management Committee elects the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer of the association from within its own rank. If you wish to become a part of the Management Committee, you have the opportunity to be elected at the ECDN extraordinary assembly which takes place every 4 years.


The Current Management Committee, which you can see below, was elected at the General Assembly in March 2022. The next election of members for the ECDN Management Committee will be in autumn 2026 where all active members are welcome to apply to become a member of the Management Committee Group.

Joeri Eijzenbach was additonally elected as delegate of NVVK at the GA in March 2023.

ECDN vice-president Pauline Dujardin

Pauline Dujardin


Anything you would like us to look into?

If you have any ideas or issues which you would like us to look into, you are welcome to contact us. Relevant suggestions will then be discussed by the ECDN and potentially contribute to our work – either on a national or international level.

Former Management Committees of the ECDN

Below you can see the former Management Committees including which members were elected by the General Assembly for previous periods. You can also see which national or European organisations or associations each member represented. A big thank you to all the former Management Committee members for their hard and devoted work over the years.

The members are:

  • President: Dieter Korczak – GP Forschungsgruppe – Germany
  • Vice-President: Pauline Dujardin Federation Cresus – France
  • Gwen Harris, MABS – Ireland
  • Kazimierz Janiak, SKEF – Poland
  • Joeri Eijzenbach, NVVK – The Netherlands
  • Juha Pantzar, Takuu-Saatio – Finland

The members are:

  • Sandy Madar, Social Aid – Denmark
  • Vice-President: Pauline Dujardin, Federation Cresus – France
  • Secretary: Rita Hornung, Marianne-Weizsäcker-Stiftung – Germany
  • Kazimierz Janiak, SKEF – Poland
  • Dieter Korczak, GP Forschungsgruppe – Germany
  • Juha Pantzar, Takuu-Saatio – Finland

The members were:

  • President: Dieter Korczak, GP-Forschungsgruppe – Germany.
  • EKPIZO – Greece
  • ASB-Schuldnerberatung – Austria
  • Konsumentverket – Sweden
  • Kazimierz Janiak, Society for Promotion of Financial Education – Poland.
  • L’observatoire du Crédit et de l’ Endettement – Belgium
  • Takuu-Säatio (Guarantee Foundation) – Finland
  • Money Advice Service – United Kingdoms

The members were:

  • ASB Schuldnerberatung – Austria
  • Obervatoire du Crédit et de l’ Endettement – Belgium
  • Archime’d
  • GP Forschungsgruppe – Germany
  • Réseau Financement Alternatif ASBL – Belgium
  • NIBUD – Netherlands
  • SKEF – Poland
  • Konsumentverket – Sweden
  • Financnitsen – Czech Republic

The members were:

  • President: Hans Grohs, ASB Schuldnerberatung – Austria
  • Vice-president: Leena Veikkola, Takuu-Säätio (Guarantee Foundation) – Finland
  • Didier Noel, L’Observatoire du Crédit et de l’ Endettement – Belgium
  • Olivier Jerusalmy, Réseau Financement Alternatif – Belgium
  • Werner Sanio, BAG-SB – Germany
  • Albert Luten, NIBUD – Netherlands
  • Boguslaw Kaczmarek, SKEF – Poland
  • Catherine Martin, Archime’d
  • Dieter Korczak, GP-Forschungsgruppe – Germany
  • David Sméjkal, SOS – Czech Republic