Why a coordination office?

The members of the ECDN represent different countries, associations and organisations. Because our members are so diverse and located in different countries, coordination is fundamentally important. The Coordination Office makes communication between members and with external partners easier. This ensures that our members and partners can and work closely together and focus on achieving our aims of improving financial inclusion and fighting over-indebtedness.

What we do at the office

The Coordination Group fulfills various different tasks related to the coordination of the association. This includes updating internal databases, contact lists, member lists, and contact details on external partners. The Coordination Group is also in charge of the day to day communication between the members of the ECDN and the Management Committee. This includes sending out the ECDN’s Newsletter and other communication to the members, the coordinator plans and organises the workshops of the ECDN, the meetings of the Management Committee, and the General Assembly of the ECDN in close collaboration with individual members of the Management Committee and the relevant members of the association. The Coordination Group also manages the ECDN’s social media platforms, and thus represents the association on social media by creating content, posting relevant information and answering messages and comments from members and other interested parties.

What can you do?

We believe that working together always makes us stronger. We all have different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and competences, and by combining them we can improve the quality and effectiveness of our work in order to reach our goals. We are always open to expanding our staff with new members who share our values, and want to contribute with their own skills and competences.