about ecdn

The ECDN is an association working to improve the availability and quality of debt counseling services across Europe. We work to prevent and fight over-indebtedness and improve financial literacy among European citizens. We provide different platforms for knowledge sharing regarding legal, economic and social matters within the field of consumer debt and financial resilience. The ECDN has 41 members, both organisations and individuals, across Europe. Our members comprise a broad range of actors in the fight against and prevention of over-indebtedness, and the promotion of financial inclusion. Our members are active in (1) debt advice/debt regulation, (2) financial literacy programs and projects, (3) development and provision of adequate financial services for excluded people, and (4) research on over-indebtedness and financial inclusion.

The organisation of the ECDN

The ECDN is a democratically built organisation. The governing body of the organisation is the General Assembly, which consists of all active members. It is the General Assembly, thus, by extension the members of the organisation, who elect the Management Committee every four years. The management committee runs the day-to-day business and administration of the association. The economy is handled by the secretary/treasurer, while the coordination office plans events, meetings and the annual general assembly meetings. You can read more about the organisational structure here.

General Assembly
... is the highest organ of authority; and it consists of all active members from all over Europe.
ECDN management committee
Management Committee
... is the management body and is elected by the General Assembly from among the active members.
ECDN coordination office
Coordination Office
... fulfills a number of tasks within the ECDN - both on a national and European level
ECDN expert group
Expert group
... represents a resource of tools and ideas for current and future members.
ECDN education group
Education group
... supports these initiatives through discussions and sharing of tools and ideas.
ECDN scientific group
Scientific Group
... is to support the ECDN, governments, creditors, and other stakeholders.

Our aims

The ECDN aims to improve financial inclusion across Europe in different ways. Financial inclusion is vital to the prevention of over-indebtedness and its financial, social, psychological consequences. We aim to improve financial education and inclusion by utilizing two approaches: (1) Networking, and (2) promotion.

Networking for financial inclusion

- Raising public awareness and lobbying for integrated policies
- fighting financial exclusion and strengthening financial capabilities
- Expanding and guaranteeing financial services
- Improving debt settlement regulations
- Initiating research and tackling over-indebtedness

Promoting financial inclusion

- Informing and influencing policies on national and European level
- Playing an active monitoring role
- Raising public awareness
- Increasing the dialogue between all actors and all levels of politics
- Encouraging development and implementation of various activities for promoting financial inclusion