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NVVK – Netherlands

The NVVK is an association with more than 100 member organizations. The NVVK members provide financial services, always in the interest of their clients but cooperating also with the creditors. NVVK members provide a wide variety of services: debt prevention, debt resolution and mediation, debt relief for SME’s, trusteeships and budgeting services. Our Municipal banks provide social loans. In 2018 the NVVK members provided services for 86.000 clients and handled a total debt of 2 billion Euros.  The task of the NVVK is to represent her members. That task includes lobby on various governmental levels. It also includes hands-on services for our members, such as digital discussion platforms between the members. More and more innovation plays a part in the NVVK’s activities. The NVVK structures what all stakeholders in the Netherlands consider high quality service delivery.

Quote„The ECDN is our voice in Europe when it comes to personal debt, debt relief and fighting against the reasons behind debt.“

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