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Observatoire du Crédit et de l’Endettement (OCE) – Prevention of over-indebtedness tools

4 Brochures designed to help consumers in Belgium
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  • Mon budget une question d’équilibre” (in English, “My budget, a question of equilibrium”) available in French on the importance for consumers to establish a budget and the steps to not forget.
  • «Economiser, c’est possible» (in English “Savings, cut costs, it’s possible”) available in French gives tools to cut costs in order to save money in different areas (housing, water, energy bills,…).
  • «Prévenir le surendettement» (in English “Preventing over-indebtedness”) available in French explains what is over-indebtedness, gives tips when singing a consumption and credit contract, explains Belgian procedures that can help with over-indebtedness and financial difficulties.
  • «Arnaques en ligne. Comment les repérer? Que faire?» (in English “Scams online. How to identify them? What you must do?”) available in French gives tips on how to avoid and identify scams, highlights the different kind of scams that exist and what to do when you are a victim.


An educational game about scams called “Arnaque moi si tu peux” (in English «Scam me if you can») available in French, aimed at adolescents and young adults (15-29 years old)

  • The goal of the game is to discover and identify scams and give the tools to react to them.
  • This is based on the board game «Werewolf» ( See ) where each participant has a role that is not known to everyone. Some people will be scammers, others will be consumers (with sometimes additional powers).
  • At the beginning of each round, scammers decide to scam a consumer secretly and the consumer has to face a scam, it is shared with everyone and they discuss about it. At the end of each round, everyone decides to arrest a suspect of scamming and they discover if they were right or not. The game ends if all the scammers are arrested or if all the consumers were scammed.


Portail du surendettement: A website providing information and advice on budget management, bills, debts, foreclosures and debt mediation (amicable and legal) with written content, videos, online tools (such as a calculator for foreclosure) and models of legal letters. This is aimed at people who have financial difficulties or have questions about debt or even are over-indebted.

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