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Ildirittideldebitore – Italy

The Non-for-Profit National Association “The Debtor’s Rights” has as its main objective the protection of the debtor’s rights. The association acts in accordance with and for the purposes of art. 36 et seq. of the Civil Code; according to Legislative Decree no. 117/2017, and pursues civic, solidarity and social purposes.
It was founded on 07/12/2012 and promotes the establishment of over-indebtedness crisis resolution bodies at local authorities.

It provides, with participating professionals, the DEBT ADVICE Service:

  • Debt Consulting
  • Financial education
  • Psychological Support

It has as its purpose the promotion of the continuity of business activity and the right of the person to a decent standard of living.

The services seek the rebalancing of solidarity between the right of the creditor to collect at least part of his credit, and the right of the debtor to pay as much as possible, minus his and his family’s economic needs.

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