Movimento Consumatori APS– Italy

Movimento Consumatori APS (MC) is a national consumer (no-profit) association with over 30 thousand members, including individuals and federated associations. Since its foundation in 1985, MC has…

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Ildirittideldebitore – Italy

The Non-for-Profit National Association "The Debtor's Rights" has as its main objective the protection of the debtor's rights. The association acts in accordance with and for the…

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Esdebitami Retake Benefit Corporation – Italy

Esdebitami Retake is a privately held Benefit Corporation serving individuals and family consumers about over-indebtedness since 2013, with a free preliminary advisory.Counting over 3.000 families under management…

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Legge3 – Italia

Legge3 is the largest Italian organization specialized in helping people get out of debt, thanks to the procedures of law 3 of 2012. Legge3 works in 75…

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