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Movimento Consumatori APS– Italy

Movimento Consumatori APS (MC) is a national consumer (no-profit) association with over 30 thousand members, including individuals and federated associations. Since its foundation in 1985, MC has dealt with political lobbing activity, information, assistance, and advice to citizens through its over 70 helpdesks to the national territory. MC has recognized by Italian Ministry of Economic Development as one of the most representative consumer associations (CNCU – Consiglio Nazionale dei Consumatori e degli Utenti) and from 2018 is a member of ECU – European Consumer Union – a European network of consumer associations and from 2022 is a member of Finance Watch. Any year MC provides information and legal assistance to more than 150.000 consumers and handling more than 15.000 out-of-court resolution for disputes. According to its mission, MC purses the following objectives: a) improve people’s quality of life; b) promote consumer’s culture on sustainable consumption compatible with environmental protection c) protect individual and collective consumer rights and interests and d) contribute to foster economic citizenship rights in the market, promoting a better global economic regulation.

According to its mission, MC spent the last years to build up a national network of NGOs, foundations against loan-sharking, National Institutions and Italian Universities focused on debt-advice services. Actually, MC’s debt-advice services network is able to cover almost 85% of national territory through more than n.100 debt-advisors.

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