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Stowarzyszenie Krzewienia Edukacji Finansowej – Poland

The Society for Promotion of Financial Education (SKEF) from Gdynia (Poland) is NGO established in 1997. In 2005, the Society was entered in the list of Public Benefit Organisations, too. There are two main statutory objectives: (1) Counselling (Aid to consumers) in 4 branch offices in Gdynia, Warsaw, Krakow and Biała Podlaska) (2) Financial education – SKEF takes actions to promote financial education by creating and conducting innovating projects, workshops for different age groups beneficiaries. The Society publishes, organizes conferences and participates in research projects close to its fields of interest. Organisation also takes charity activities and financial support to children and young people in gaining education, based on a separate Scholarship Fund.

More info about SKEF:

Quote„ECDN membership is a great value for our organisation because we can share our experience and exchange good practices from different European perspectives. Moreover, it gives us access to a large number of direct information and current legal regulations related to excessive debt in Europe. This in turn supports the search and development of effective solutions for financial inclusion and dissemination of financial education to protect European consumers.“

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