You are currently viewing New Issue of Money Matters – No. 19 is out now.

New Issue of Money Matters – No. 19 is out now.


  • Editorial – Dr. Dieter Korczak – ECDN President & PEPPI Coordinator
  • Challenges facing Bulgaria: Over-indebtedness & scaling a debt advice service – Willy Pierre Abbal – Temida Foundation, Bulgaria
  • Over–indebtedness in Croatia – Igor Škrgatić –  Padobran, Croatia
  • Debt Advice in Cyprus – Virginia Christou – Legal Advisor of Cyprus Consumers Association
  • Overview of over-indebtedness and debt advice in Greece – Anastasios Kokougiannis – Attorney at Law ek pizo, Greece
  • Over-indebtedness in Hungary  – Jozsef Meszaros – Cognative ltd., Hungary
  • Household Indebtedness and Financial Education in Italy – Giorgio Calcagnini, Federico Favaretto, Germana Giombini, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy
  • Overview of debt advice provision in Latvia – Dr. Dieter Korczak – ECDN President
  •  Helping the indebted population in Lithuania: slowly moving in the right direction – Simona Deduchova, Create Lithuania & Rūta Trainytė – Lithuanian Consumer Alliance
  • Action on debt and debt advice: Malta – Helena Holland, Assistant Director, Social Security, Department of Social Security – Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights, Malta
  • Overview Regarding Improving and Increasing the Accessibility of Debt Counselling in Romania – Ph. D. Rodica Diana Apan, Associate Professor, Lawyer, Romania
  • Free Debt Counselling in Slovakia – Ladislav Šutý, Manager, National Project Free Debt Counselling, Peter Daniel, National Expert, Slovakia
  • Overview: The Debt Advice Situation in Slovenia – Dr. Dieter Korczak – ECDN President
  • Over-Indebtedness & Debt Advice Situation in Spain – Carlos Javier Zarco Pleguezuelos, Lawyer, Bankrupcy Administrator & Mediator, Spain

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