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New Issue of Money Matters!

Today, May 27th, the ECDN has published Money Matters Vol. 17 “Debt Advice in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic”. The issue is a wopping 60 pages and contains reports from 18 countries all across Europe. The reports detail both the current economic impact and the expected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the European national economies. In a message from the president of the ECDN, Sandy Madar, says:

“The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world shows that the virus has no nationality, it does not stop at the border! (…) the conclusions from the 18 papers, created by some of the top minds in their field, are overwhelming; Europe faces an economic depression within the end of 2020.”

Thank you to all of the members of CoDeS for their contributions to this issue of Money Matters, we would not have been able to make this important issue without you! It has been a great pleasure working with you all, and we hope for much more collaboration within the coming months, as the  situation around the COVID-19 pandemic develops.

You can find and read the new issue of Money Matters by following This Link.