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Updated information that may be helpful for consumers to overcome COVID-19

Next to standard material on budgeting and financial guidance, there are also:

  • a sample letter you can send to creditors to ask for a revised repayment scheme.
  • A roadmap: grip on your money in times of corona
  • Explanations and guidance to the financial support that the government is spreading out to self-employed.

Special paper which is delivered door-to-door in some local municipalities:

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Nibud has developed a number of useful calculation tools that you can use to calculate various aspects of your financial situation.

Plan annual revenues and expenses.

This step-by-step plan explains how to make such a budget step by step. You can download or print a useful Excel sheet.

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Guide to financial education (infographic)

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Purchasing power calculator 2020

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Retirement starter

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Retirement – thanks to the Retirement and Retirement Plan you can check how you can reduce the risk of insufficient retirement income.

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Money Plan Study (grand) children is a calculation tool, useful for all parents and grandparents who want to save or invest and thus contribute to the education of their (grandchildren) children.

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More Tools


Help in Debt


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