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The innovative financial and budgetary education program for all.

Via a fun and innovative pedagogy, Dilemme offers a learning method based on constant back and forth between experimentation and theory. This tool allows everyone, whatever their mode of learning, their level, their life experience and to acquire new practical knowledge, to initiate an awareness or to awaken personal, collective or philosophical questions concerning consumption, marketing methods, societal choices, solidarity, read more Here

Dilemma Junior is a program that is based on the eponymous app , available free from the usual download platforms, and educational workshops aimed at a public elementary school as part of school activities and / or extracurricular. Read more Here

Dilemma Entrepreneurs is an innovative education program on the challenges of entrepreneurship.

The starting point of this program is based on a workshop developed around a board game used as support during sessions that can bring together ten participants.

This educational tool puts the teams in the situation of an entrepreneur starting and then developing his activity over three years. Thanks to a double budget spreadsheet, players manage their personal and professional budgets independently. The mechanisms of the game make it possible to approach in a playful way various challenges of the life of entrepreneurs (question cards, challenges, events, etc.), to acquire concrete and practical knowledge on the environment linked to creation, to development and the difficulties that a business may encounter. Read more Here

Dilemme is a budget and financial education program available throughout France, based on several fun tools:

1.Dilemme Éducation (board game) : a playful educational tool that offers the possibility to approach different themes (banking, savings, insurance, etc.) with any type of audience and to build tailor-made sessions. The game allows you to learn about budget and finance in a fun way.

  1. Dilemme Entrepreneurs (board game) : when entrepreneurship becomes a serious game! Dilemme has developed a version of the board game especially for entrepreneurs. The objective is to allow players to understand several aspects of the different stages of entrepreneurship, from the start-up to the daily life of an entrepreneur.

The three supports below are used for Dilemme Education and Dilemme Entrepreneurs :

Dilemme Anim’App : This mobile app is designed to provide pedagogical support through facilitation advice and the reinforcement of a few theoretical main points. It allows the game cards to be generated, either randomly or in a predetermined tailor-made way, according to the priority themes or the public concerned.

Pedagogical usb keys : They contain many practical educational resources (budget guides, templates of official letters, podcasts hosted by lawyers, etc.).

Ambassadors’ platform : Online space dedicated to the program that allows the ambassadors to follow the schedule of the sessions and to access educational resources.

  1. Dilemme Junior (application) : this mobile app is an educational game for children to raise their awareness of budget management.
  2. Dilemme Avenir and Dilemme Family : in progress ! Dilemme Avenir to talk about pension savings scheme, investments or insurance (boardgame used during sessions) and Dilemme Family to play at home with kids and adults.

Powerpoint presentation od Dilemme and a short presentation of Dilemme ambassadors’ training session.

Dilemme, the innovative budget and financial education programme for all.

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