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Materials for teachers – lesson plans

Since 2008 SCHULDNERHILFE OÖ has been developing free teaching materials for teachers (Ministry of Social Affairs). So far, for kindergarten, primary school and school level 8/9 and 10/11. Each topic contains knowledge transfer materials, practical examples and relevant exercise and training sequences. All materials are intended for use in the classroom and can be downloaded free of charge. There is also a picture folder with the title “I want! Need? Do I have. Consumer education for children “, which can be used in different ways in kindergarten and primary school.


Budget calculator on-line

Examples of budgets:

Budget templates:

Number 74 of Das budget magazine is about budget advice under the slogan “Prevent instead of paying” – to download


Financial driving license – a project implemented in various regions of Austria.

An example of a project carried out in Upper Austria:

The aim of the project is to provide practical financial knowledge on three different levels depending on the target group and age: basic, advanced and professional.

The topics on the different levels correspond to the age, level of knowledge, interests and type of school or education of the participants and differ in content and didactic preparation.

It is advisable to implement all levels of difficulty, which strengthens the financial security of young people.

After successful completion, participants finish with a driving licence in Upper Austria. This certificate is very positively perceived by employers in Upper Austria and should therefore be an integral part of any meaningful application document.

The CYCLES project is set to improve entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy of child and youth care practitioners (CYCP) in order to upgrade their skills in the first place and second to be able to transfer the knowledge to young care leavers to prepare them for their future individual daily life.

Additional benefits of the CYCLES project are:

  • First, the job profile of CYCP may involve a number of administrative and financial duties. Financial and entrepreneurial training can facilitate everyday work for CYCP as well as for their employers.
  • Second, moving up the career ladder, CYCP will eventually be charged with the management of divisions or institutions. Being familiar with the basics of entrepreneurship and financial literacy, they will be better prepared to take the next career step.


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