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Have you experienced a loss in income due to the COVID-19 Pandemic? Follow this LINK, for a quick guide on what you should do and who will be able to help you!

In Germany almost all people who are in danger of becoming over-indebted can receive help from a debt counselor. Counseling can be both personal through phone and online, but due to high demand for help, many debt counseling organisations in Germany have an up to 9 months queue. You can read more Here (link in German). Below you can see a number of organisations, which you can contact, if you need help – visit their website for more information.

  • Caritas Debt Advise – They offer face-to-face and online counseling – Website
  • German Debt Advise Association – Website

The BAG-SB are currently working on a website for overindebted people that will include information in english as well. It will be online at from May 2020 on.

Here you can find more information on debts and debt counseling in general, it is a discussion site, with several questions and answers that may help you – Link.

On Sunday, March 22, the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, declared a general contact ban banning gatherings of more than two people in public space and mandating that people should keep distance. Restaurants will be closed immediately. The ban has a period of validity for fourteen days. Read more Here.

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