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Debt counselling

Despite the movement restrictions in France, CRESUS continues to counsel their beneficiaries who need more help and support  than ever.

There is a label in France, the “Point conseil budget” is a state label for organisations (most of them are general social aid associations  general) which help people in their financial difficulties. I don’t know if they can continue their support.

About state measures

Because of the movements restrictions, many companies have to close or suspend their activities. There is a system in France which is called “Activité partielle” (“incomplete activity). The employees can get 70 % of the brutto wage from the employer. Normally the state reimburse just a just a part of the 70 %. The government has decided to reimburse all of the 70 %.

In fact and at the time, no measures for the privat person has been taken. Banks have no general policy and it’s the job of any people to call the bank trying to obtain suspension of mensuality. We will see in the few days how creditors will react.

The state measures are reserved for the professional :

  1. The french tax administration organised facilities, like suspension of the taxes or payment schedule.
  2. The french administration reimburse more than normally within the “activité partielle”

Wwe are waiting for the details of other announcement (which concerns company and independant) like :

  • A state financial support (1.500 €) for little company and contractors,
  • Suspension of the credit payments,
  • Guarantee of the french investments bank (BPI) for credits to pay the bills,
  • Suspension of the rent, of the energy expenses.

The french government has a special website detailing their measures to handle the COVID-19 outbreak, to see it follow this Link.

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