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SKEF – Help the youth save up

The Society for Promotion of Financial Education (SKEF) from Poland has prepared a new project in the field of financial education “Help the youth save up”, which aims at developing knowledge, skills and positive attitudes in the field of personal finance management among children from orphanages over 15 years of age.

Due to the lack of support from home, activities should be introduced to this group to support their development and to better prepare them for adulthood. One of such activities may be participation in the project “Help the youth save up”, which will provide children from orphanages with education in the area of personal finances.

The project will over a 5 month period teach participants practical skills in planning and preparing a personal budget and using it in everyday life, responsible use of products and services available on the financial market, including loans, credits, personal bills and therefore effective management of personal finances. Each participant will receive monthly pocket money and the support of a mentor who will give them guidance throughout the duration of the project.

We hope that the knowledge, experience and skills acquired in the project will contribute towards making more informed and responsible financial decisions in the future.

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