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Finance Watch in Denmark

Thursday September 5th and Friday September 6th Finance Watch held a workshop on financial inclusion in Copenhagen in collaboration with Sandy Madar and Sebastian Løper from the Social Legal Aid in Denmark. At the workshop were representatives from many different organisations such as MABS and CIB from Ireland, the Norwegian Red Cross, Finansförbundet in Sweden, and of course the President of ECDN, Sandy Madar, and the functioning secretary, Sebastian Løper.

The purpose of the workshop’s first day was to discuss issues with financial inclusion across the attending countries such as who are the excluded? How are they excluded and why? On the second day the participants built on top of the first day. After this followed a groups discussion on the “threats” and “protections” each of the countries have to their own socially vulnerable and financially excluded.

The workshop was meant as a test and a Europe-wide workshop will be held later this year. Both workshops and their results will be made into a report, which will be published by the end of 2019.

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