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In Dublin to meet with CIB / MABS

On February 27th Sandy, visited among others CIB (Citizens Information Board) where I meet with the chief executive, Angela Black, and senior manager Adrian O’Connor, to learn more about CIB’s work. I also visited several of MABS’s divisions on my search for inspiration. We also spoke of our project in the ECDN: Creating a common knowledge platform about debt counselling in the EU and to coordinate the cooperation between the ECDN and MABS/CIB on the creation of effective and qualified debt counselling in the entire Union.

Furthermore, Sandy also had the time to meet with Eilis Barry and Paul Joyce from the Irish national Legal Aid (FLAC) too. They talked about their work on the judicial area and among other things also their cooperation with MABS considering referring clients to one another. Sandy also meet with assistant professor of law at Trinity College in Dublin, David Fennelly, they talked about using students of law as interns in organisations such as FLAC. Lastly Sandy meets with Director of public policy at The Wheel, Ivan Cooper. The Wheel is an umbrella organization for more than 1.500 different organisations.

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