Again a great national network online meeting – this time in Slovakia!

The Slovak PEPPI coordinator Ladislav Sutý and his team invited high level representatives from the National Bank of Slovakia, the Association of Slovak Collection Agencies, the Slovak Chamber of Executors, the Centre of Legal Aid (Ministry of Justice), the Prison& Court Guard Corps (Ministry of Justice), the Information Offices for Crime Victims (Ministry of Interior), the Association of Financial Agents and Advisors, and many others.
The moderator Peter Daniel gave a report about the first experiences of the 46 free debt advisory services in the last nine months. He mentioned three main results:

  1. in too many cases creditors are leading debtors to debt trap because they do not analyze properly the creditworthiness
  2. a lot of clients coming because of peer-to-peer loans
  3. the level of financial literacy is unacceptable low in Slovakia.

This great kick-off meeting gives a broad perspective for the future development of the national network. Thanks to all actors.