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NIBUD has supported a request from the Social Alliance to the government, local municpalities, housing corporations, commercial landlords, banks, insurance companies and professional incasso-firms  to have a lenient attitude and to take into account the exceptional situation for society as a whole and especially for vulnerable people. And to take the following measures as long as the corona crisis lasts + 1 month:

  • To stop new debt collection measures, like seizure of wages, bank accounts, goods, cars and from government subsidies.
  • To stop increases, fines and interest on late payments.
  • To stop house seizures, cutting off energy, water and internet.
  • To continue quarterly and monthly credits, even if a positive saldo is needed during that period.
  • To generously give social security, unemployment benefits and subsidies with a minimum of administrative burden.

Below are a number of organisations, where people in different situations can get help and information:

  • You can contact the members of the NVVK for debt advice, voluntary debt relief follow the link Here.
  • A first point of reference could also be the legal and social advisors – Website.
  • For debt prevention and budgetting tools, refer to, you can contact NIBUD.
  • Last but not least, if you already have a running debt arrangement via the courts, you can find information Here.
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