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Money Matters, Nov. 1999

After a break, due to the hard work on the Call for Tender, it is now once again time for a #ThrowbackThursday – This week’s issue is from November 1999, and in the first article we learn about the legislation on assignment and seizure of wages in Luxembourg. The Article was written by Christian Schumacher – the article states that many families whom his organisation helps, are subject to assignment and/or seizure of wages, and although there are mechanisms to protect the consumer, from loosing their entire wage, the system doesn’t prevent social injustice – among other reasons due to the risk of double-deductions from the wage.

In this issue you can also read about the practicalities and difficulties of obtaining student loans in Estonia, an article from SIFO in Norway detailing why some people experience financial difficulties in times of economic growth, a new debt counselling bill in Finland and much more.

Have a nice read!