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Finance Watch conference

On November 19th, Sandy Madar went to the annual conference of Finance Watch in Brussels titled “Ten Years after Pittsburgh: Changing Finance for Good?”. The conference started with a key-note speech by Philippe Lamberts Member of the European Parliament how we can achieve a safe and inclusive single market for EU financial services” – in the following discussion the panel discussed both the basic financial services within the EU and the problem of over-indebtedness. The rest of the conference consisted of three workshops; the first workshop discussed “on the panel were among other Eric Ducoulombier and Francesco Gaetano from the European Commission. The second workshop discussed the question of old and new challenges to financial stability in the post-crisis regulation. The panel discussed among other things the Banking Union and whether Europe needs less banks and more capital market financing. In the last workshop went to look on the future when they discussed the topic of moving towards a sustainable financial system both in regard to the role of the central banks and supervisors and the Sustainable Finance Action Plan 2.0.

You can see all the videos and slides from the conference Here.

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