Fighting over-indebtedness since 2007  

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The European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN) aims to be a key force in bringing forward a social Europe that promotes and safeguards the financial inclusion and well-being of all its inhabitants while at the same time taking seriously its responsibility for and contributing to a social world.

ECDN is a European level civil society network built on the experiences and activities of key actors in the fight against over-indebtedness and financial exclusion from across Europe, such as debt advice services, educational organisations, consumer agencies, research institutes, etc. ECDN was founded with financially supported by the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities) as a non-governmental association in 2007 and brings today together 41 membership organisations from 18 European countries.

The ECDN consist mainly of top-level experts in the field of over-indebtedness and financial inclusion across Europe. The members are experienced researchers with a vast theoretical knowledge, seasoned debt advisors whose practical knowledge about the over-indebted is outdone by no one, and governmental and semi-governmental institutes that know the rules of the game. This creates a strong association whose knowledge and expertise cannot be matched.

Debt is a cross border problem and we need cross border solutions!

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Collaboration both within and outside the ECDN is vital for progress!!

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To change the status quo we need projects, and we need a lot of them!

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To fight Over-indebtedness, we need knowledge about both problems and solutions!

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We are a European association which dares to dream big!

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