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Workshop on financial inclusion by Finans Watch / September 5-6 2019 / Copenhagen - Denmark

On september 5-6 2019, Finance Watch held a workshop on financial inclusion across Europe. The conference was arranged by Finance Watch with the help of the ECDN and its member The Social Legal Aid. At the workshop people who work with debt and financial inclusion from Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark were represented.

At first we talked about Finance Watch’s work for financial inclusion in the EU, this was followed by the first workshop where we debated who the vulnerable groups actually are and why.

On the second day we learned about Finance Watch’s strategy and were presented with the findings of the beginning a research done by Finance Watch. the second day ended with another workshop where the participants debated how to minimum standards on how to efficiently protect debtors, how to more efficiently regulate debt collection practices and lastly how to ensure the debtors’ dignity.


If you are planning a workshop on financial inclusion, over-indebtedness, personal finance and / or financial education, then do contact us for input, help, and participation.