The ECDN is a strong community with expertise in debt, over-indebtedness, and financial inclusion, and we are always looking for new ways to further our agenda and secure a more social and financially inclusive Europe. If you have a project, which you think we could help with or even partner you on, you can fill out the contact form by following this Link. Once every year the ECDN has a General Assembly, if you have information on new projects, which you would like to present here, this is also possible, just fill in the contact form when following this Link.

The ECDN has several different projects that aim at creating awareness, spreading knowledge and improving best practice for debt counselling/advise across Europe. On this page, you can read more about our most recent projects and you can find information on some of our older projects as well.



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The ECDN is always looking for new projects, both national and international to partake in. If you have a project, with which we can help, then due contact us.