“The first steps in finance” – the textbook discusses the fundamentals of personal finances and is intended for young people who are taking their first steps towards becoming financially independent.
Support materials for teachers:
Also there you can find directions, slides for teaching, slides with questions and tasks, answers to questions.
Videos on different topics such as:
What do young people know about finance?How expensive are we?
Setting goals, Secure finance
Students finances
Calculators: some various calculators on savings and loans
Educational program – Wise Finance provides education material on finance for 13 – 15 years old students. The program is run by The Icelandic Financial Services Association and The Icelandic Pension Funds Association. All activities and teaching material are in the name of Wise Finance, there are no promotions of companies involved. The main goal of Wise Finance is to inspire teachers in teaching financial literacy and enable employees of financial corporations and pension funds to work to gather towards improving young people‘s financial literacy.
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