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We are currently gathering information on the options and status of debt counseling  in Portugal. Below you can see a number of organisations, which you can contact, if you need help – visit their website and social media for more information.

  • GASDECO, is the biggest consumer association in Portugal – Website
  • GOEC, a non-profit debt counsel – Facebook
  • APOIARE, a non-profit debt-counsel and member of RACE – Facebook
  • Mediador de Crédito / Credit Mediator (Ombudsman) – Website
  • RACE, Indebted Consumer Support Network – a network of debt advise services by the government – Website

GASDECO from the association DECO has suspended all face-to-face attendance, but remain available by phone, email or website. This means that they have suspended the weekly attendance in some municipalities with whom they have a protocol too. They have the lion share of cases in Portugal. GOEC provides mostly non fa-to-face support, except i in some municipalities with whom they have a protocol.

The Portuguese government announced today (March 18 2020) an economic rescuing package. They are planning a moratorium the mortgages payment and had adopted some measures regarding the salaries of sayt-at-home workers due to the pandemic.