Money Matters, June 1998. – December 19th 2019

This week’s issue was published in June 1998 and starts with an article on “the Social Representation on debts”, written by Dr. Christine Roland-Levy. The article found that people with no debt and people with an internal locus (i.e. people who believe rewards are a function of one’s behaviour) have a comparable perception of debt.

Another great piece in this issue is “Overindebtedness in Germany, other European States and Credit Counselling” by Dr. Dieter Korczak, which looks at the state of overindebted people across Europe. This is followed by a walkthrough of the state of debt advice centres within Germany. The Article ends with 8 recommendations; some of the major recommendations are: Introduce curricular courses to educate young people, Emergency funds should be established to households who are flung into overindebtedness not on their own accord, ensure more debt advisors, and improve education for debt advisors.

Have a nice read! 😀