In Romania to help start a debt association

In early January Sandy W. Madar, went to Romania in order to follow up on the possible cooperation on the creation of a national council for debt counselling, which we discussed at our ECDN conference held in Copenhagen in November of 2018. What was originally planned to be just one meeting became several over the following three days when I was in Cluj; the meetings were spent formulating a model of cooperation and on planning the next steps.

Participating in the meeting was among others lawyer and associate professor and vice-dean at Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University’s faculty of law in Bucharest Rodica and jurist Sorin, both from Romania and working on starting a debt aid organisations in the country. In Romania the time has been spent, among other things, on officially starting the organisations, securing suitable locals for offices, booking meetings for my next visit in March. We are thrilled and looking forward for the take-off of the project in spring – and we will of course keep you updated on the project and its further development.