To fight over-indebtedness as a debt advice organisation / company it is important to have the right tools, which ensures that the debtors receive the best help possible. We do not doubt that you do your absolute best to ensure that your clients receive just the help they need to live the life they deserve, but we can all feel at a loss from time to time, and ask ourselves – How do I get on from here?

On this page you can find tools from other debt advice organisations / companies across Europe, which may help you improve your best practice and improve the experience and help which you can give the people who seek help from you.

The Social Legal Aid, Denmark

The Social Legal Aid have since 2011 hade a code of ethics: The Social Legal Aid’s Ethics Code This mandates how our counsellors have to work and counsel our clients, but also what kind of educational background they must have, and how they ought to behave at work and when meeting and talking to clients.

The Social Legal Aid’s Quality Standards (Best Practice) have been around since 2010, but we have added on to them in order to improve the help and security of the over-indebted people who receive help from us. The expansion especially happened in collaboration the National knowledge function (den dantionale vidensfunktion) in 2017/18, which was tasked by the Danish authorities to create a standardised set of standards.

The Social Legal Aid work from The three step model of debt advice What this means is, that when the over-indebted contact us for help, our counsellors assess their situation, how much help do they need, can they do some of this temselves, how much guidance do they need, is it necessary that we do everything for them?


If you have tools for how you work that you would like to share with other debt advice organisations then feel free to contact us, for more details.