The Management Committee is the management body of the ECDN. It is elected by the General Assembly from among the active members of the Association, and for a term of four years. Their job is to handle the day to day business of the Association and derives their authority from the General Assembly. It is the job of the Management Committee to prepare and plan the annual meeting of the General Assembly in collaboration with the Coordination office; they prepare drafts for changes in the statutes and internal rules, and the treasurer prepares the annual budget and account of the Association.

The Management Committee manages the collaboration with external work partners and handles the external relations of the association. Furthermore, the Management Committee elects from among its own rank the President, Vice-President and Treasurer of the association. The Management Committee meets at least three times annually or if the Association or the General Assembly requires them to do so.

The Current Management Committee, which you can see below, was elected at the General Assembly in Copenhagen in 2018. The term of the General Assembly lasts for 4 years, after which a new Management Committee is elected by the General Assembly. Active members of the ECDN can be elected multiple times to the Management Committee, and frequently 1-3 members are reelected.


Mrs. Sandy W. Madar


Founder and CEO of the The Social Legal Aid, Denmark

Sandy W. Madar has been practicing debt counselling for the past 20 years. She started on the street-level, helping people where they were. In 2007 Sandy started The Social Legal Aid  in Denmark. The Social Legal Aid provides free legal and debt counselling on a national level to all socially vulnerable who need it and runs the prison task force, which visits prisons and jails across Denmark to help the inmates who want and need it, has been primus motor for several both national and international initiatives across Europe. ;

Ms. Pauline Dujardin



Pauline Dujardin is legal counsellor of the federation of the 30 associations of CRESUS in France. The CRÉSUS associations are charitable organizations which support the people suffering from excess debt and over-indebtedness by individualised support and budgetary analysis, helping with establishing the excessive debt file, banking mediation, supporting with appeals, training in budget management and Psychological support for people in difficulty. As a federal counsellor, Pauline DUJARDIN works mainly in the field of advising and training about the legal aspects for the volunteers who work at CRESUS such as lobbying for legislation. 

Mrs. Rita Hornung


Rita Hornung is secretary of the Marianne von Weizsäcker Stiftung in Hamm (, a nationwide foundation for debt counseling. She is member of the advisory board of the BAG SB Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Schuldnerberatung e.V., Berlin ( and co-author of the compendium „Praxishandbuch Schuldnerberater“. She is also Member of the “Stephan-Kommission”, the commission developed a standard form that provides a voluntary solution for a settlement between debtor and creditors (

Dr. Dieter Korczark


Gp-Forschungsgruppe, Germany

Dieter Korczak holds a Diploma (Master) in Economics and a Ph.D. in Sociology. He is one of the founding members of ECDN and has been President of ECDN from 2015 -2018. He is leading a social research institute in Germany ( He was member of Fin-Use, the consumer expert forum set up by the European Commission. Since 1990 he has published several major books on over-indebtedness and debt advice and numerous scientific articles. He is also an expert in the research of financial prevention, financial education and scoring of creditworthiness. His research was funded by different German Federal and State Ministries as well as by projects from the European Commission.

Deng. Kazimierz Janiak


SKEF, Poland

Kazimierz Janiak – doctor of agricultural sciences and long-term academic teacher. In the 90s he was a member of the Sejm (lower house of the Polish parliament) of the third term, political leader of the Solidarity Electoral Action (AWS) and Social Movement for Solidarity Electoral Action, and vice-chairman of the National Commission of the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity”. Politician actively participating in social and economic transformations and in the fight for democracy in Poland. Associated with the Polish system of cooperative savings and credit unions since its establishment, which he supports with his professional experience. Since 2007 President of the Society for Promotion of Financial Education (SKEF) – a nationwide non-governmental organisation, undertaking activities to promote financial education, support over-indebted and financially excluded people and implement legal solutions for consumer bankruptcy in Poland.




Mr. Juha Pantzar


Guarantee Foundation, Finland

Juha A. Pantzar has worked as a CEO at Guarantee Foundation since 2012. From his backgrounds he is a social scientist and a social worker, who’s been working at the Finnish NGO’s for over 20 years. As a CEO at the Guarantee Foundation Juha works mainly on the field of advocacy work and lobbying for legislation as well as takes part to developmental and innovation work on the field of household finances. The Guarantee Foundation offers also telephone and chat counselling, guarantees restructuring loans, offers micro-loans for it’s clients.

Former Management Committees of the ECDN

Management Committee 2019 - Now

The members are:

  • President: Sandy W. Madar, The Social Legal Aid – Denmark.
  • Vice-President: Maxime Pekkip, Fondation CRESUS – France. – Has resigned and is replaced by Pauline Dujardin, Fondation Cresus.
  • Secretary: Rita Hornung, Marianne von Weizsäcker Stiftung – Germany. (re-elected)
  • Dieter Korczak, GP-Forschungsgruppe – Germany. (re-elected)
  • Kazimierz Janiak, Society for Promotion of Financial Education – Poland. (re-elected)
  • Kosta Skliris, NVVK – the Netherlands. – Has resigned, no sucessor yet.
  • Juha Pantzar, Guarantee Foundation – Finland.
  • Bistra Vassileva, Centre Innovation and Development – Bulgaria. – (re-elected – Unofficial, has resigned, no successor)
Management Committee 2015 - 2019

The members were:

  • President: Dieter Korczak, GP-Forschungsgruppe – Germany.
  • EKPIZO – Greece
  • ASB-Schuldnerberatung – Austria
  • Konsumentverket – Sweden
  • Kazimierz Janiak, Society for Promotion of Financial Education – Poland.
  • L’observatoire du Crédit et de l’ Endettement – Belgium
  • Takuu-Säatio (Guarantee Foundation) – Finland
  • Money Advice Service – United Kingdoms
Management Committee 2011 - 2015

The members were:

  • ASB Schuldnerberatung – Austria
  • Obervatoire du Crédit et de l’ Endettement – Belgium
  • Archime’d
  • GP-forschungsgruppe – Germany
  • Réseau Financement Alternatif ASBL – Belgium
  • NIBUD – Netherlands
  • SKEF – Poland
  • Konsumentverket – Sweden
  • Financnitsen – Czech Republic
Management Committee 2007 - 2011

The members were:

  • President: Hans Grohs, ASB Schuldnerberatung – Austria
  • Vice-president: Leena Veikkola, Takuu-Säätio (Guarantee Foundation) – Finland
  • Didier Noel, L’Observatoire du Crédit et de l’ Endettement – Belgium
  • Olivier Jerusalmy, Réseau Financement Alternatif – Belgium
  • Wer Sanio, BAG-SB – germany
  • Albert Luten, NIBUD – Netherlands
  • Boguslaw Kaczmarek, SKEF – Poland
  • Catherine Martin, Archime’d
  • Dieter Korczak, GP-Forschungsgruppe – Germany
  • David Sméjkal, SOS – Czech Republic