The General Assembly is the highest organ of authority within the ECDN; it consists of all active members of the ECDN. It is the General Assembly which sets the policy, guidelines and priorities of the ECDN. The General Assembly elects the members of the Management Committee from among its own rank, it approves the budget and account of the association and it is the only body that can make changes to the statutes and internal rules of the ECDN.

The General Assembly meets once every year on a date set by the Management Committee. It is possible to invoke an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly either upon the request of one third of the members of the General Assembly or whenever the interests of the Association require doing so. Lastly it is possible to convoke a written General Assembly if circumstances demand so.

Statutes of the ECDN

internal rules of the ECDN

General Assembly 2019 in Amsterdam

The 13th General Assembly of the ECDN was held on the 8th of November 2019 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The major topic of the General Assembly was changing the statutes to make sure that there were no rules, that would hinder the work of the ECDN, and the future adoption of new types of memberships. No decisions were made due to no actual proposals being presented in due time.

The General Assembly also discussed the priorities of the ECDN both discussing the wishes of our members, and from a more borader aspect our fight for ethical and quality standards in debt advise across Europe.

Agenda ECDN General Assembly 2019

General Assembly 2018 in Copenhagen

This years General Assembly was held on November 28th in Copenhagen, Denmark. The major topic of this General Assembly was to elect a new Management Committee of the ECDN. The new Management Committee was unanimously approved by the General Assembly, the members are:

  • President: Sandy W. Madar, The Social Legal Aid – Denmark.
  • Vice-President: Maxime Pekkip, Fondation CRESUS – France.
  • Secretary: Rita Hornung, Marianne von Weizsäcker Stiftung – Germany.
  • Dieter Korczak, GP-Forschungsgruppe – Germany.
  • Kazimierz Janiak, Society for Promotion of Financial Education – Poland.
  • Kosta Skliris, NVVK – the Netherlands.
  • Juha Pantzar, Guarantee Foundation – Finland.
  • Bistra Vassileva, Centre Innovation and Development – Bulgaria.
General Assembly 2017 in Vienna

On the 5th of October, the ECDN held its 11th General Assembly in the Kolpinghaus in Vienna, Austria. At this General assembly a new secretary of the ECDN was elected due to the resignation of Didier Noël from the OCE, in his stead the ECDN elected Rita Hornung of the Weiszäcker foundation.

At the General assembly the future of the coordination office was also decided, as Bistra Vassileva from the CID was not able to continue her work throughout 2018, due the the CID having several new projects, that needed her and her organisation’s attenstion. No new Coordinator was elected at this General Assembly. 

General Assembly 2016 in Bratislava

2016’s General Assembly was held in Bratislava, Slovakia, on the 8th of December. At the general assembly a number of topics was discussed among other things the ECDN’s membership of Social Platform, EFIN and the EAPN, the creation of a travel budget to allow the president to participate in international conferences and the prolongation of the Coordinator, Bistra Vassileva’s, contract.


General Assembly 2015 in Berlin

On the 8th of December, we held the 9th General Assembly of the ECDN in Berlin, Germany. Due to some members of the Management Committee resigned, the General Assembly had to elect new members for the Management Committee.

General Assembly 2014 in Brussels

The 8th General Assembly of the ECDN was held in Brussels on December 11th. On the agenda were the presentation and admittance of new members, the discharge of the Management Committee for 2013, and the election of a new Management Committee, the new Management Committee members are:



General Assembly 2013 Written General Assembly

The 7th General Assembly was unlike every other General Assembly not held anywhere, due to some turbulences within ecdn the president and secretary did not manage to organise a GA and therefore  the necessary decisions were made by a written GA. I.e. points of decisions were sent to all members who then submitted their vote and concerns written to the president and secretary.

General Assembly 2012 in Athens

The major theme of the General Assembly was TACKLING HOUSEHOLD OVER-INDEBTEDNESS. the General Assembly was held in Athens, Greece on 21st – 23rd November. At the General Assembly the attendees heard the personal stories of three over-indebted people from Greece and Spain. Later they heard about how the media covers over-indebtedness.

General Assembly 2011 in Gdansk

The main subject of the 5th General Assembly of the ECDN was “Financial Crises – Which future? Current challanges and future perspectives for private households, debt advice and the financial sector. The General Assembly was held on November 29th to December 1st in Gdansk, Poland, 26 of ECDN’s members participated alongside 35 local guests. At this General Assembly SKEF was elected as the new Coordinator of the ECDN.


General Assembly 2010 in Namur

The fourth General Assembly of the ECDN was set on september 30 to October 1 in Namur, Belgium. The main focus of the General Assembly was “Regional and local treatment, prevention and assessment of over-indebtedness.” 12 members of the ECDN participated, and a new member, Catherine Frade from Portugal was accepted as a new individual member of the association. At this General Assembly, the ECDN also decided to become a member of EFIN.

It was also at this General Assembly that the old Management Committee was discharged and a new one was elected, the new members of the Management Committee are:


General Assembly 2009 in Vienna

The third General Assembly of the ECDN was held in Vienna, Austria, on October 20-22. At the General Assembly it was decided that the ECDN should become a member of the FinInc Network, but not a founding member.


General Assembly 2008 in Madrid

The second General Assembly of the ECDN was held on October 27-28 in Madrid, Spain; 44 people participated representing various organisations including a number of Spanish organisations.

At this General Assembly five new members were admitted into the ECDN: ADICAE from spain, Konsumentverket from Sweden, Deutsche Geselschaft für Hauswirtschaft from Germany, Storwarzyszenie na rzecz Bezpleczenstwa Finansowego Obywateli Rrzeczypospolitej Poskej from Poland, and Porodna pri financni tisni, o.p.s. from the Czech Republic.

General Assembly 2007 in Brussels

The first ECDN Conference and the General Assembly of the ECDN took place in December 13th to 15th 2007 in Brussels. 52 participants from 17 European countries were attending The conference and general assembly will provide a unique opportunity to start or increase networking with (future) member organisations across Europe on the latest developments, best practices and urgent needs with regard to financial education, debt advice and debt settlement procedures, research on financial exclusion, access to financial services and the development of the network as such.