Representatives from 13 European countries attended the 9th Annual ECDN (European Consumer Debt Network) Conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) on 27-28 th November 2018.

Professionals with broad knowledge and experience in the field of debt and consumer behaviour
presented their experience, know-how and research results in debt advice, overindebtedness,
financial education. Durint the two-day event, the participants from each country had the chance to
share and to discuss various policies, methods, models, and techniques of dealing with indebtedness
from different perspectives. Some of the issues discussed during the conference were related to the
incapability of young people to deal with financial issues as well as those who are socially

As usual, after the Annual ECDN Conference the ECDN General Assembly took place. Several changes
within the ECDN Management Committee were done, see here. Later on a new President and Vice-president were elected. ECDN members have agreed on having Sandy Madar from The Social Legal Aid Foundation to be the new ECDN President, Maxime Pekkip from Cresus to be the new ECDN Vice-president, and Rita Hornung from Marianne von Weizsacker Stiftung to keep her role as a secretary and treasurer.

You can see all the presenters and their presentations from the conference here as well.

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