Representatives of 13 different European countries attended the 8th annual conference of ECDN in Bratislava (Slovakia).

The first day of the conference dealt with developments to a cashless society. Though there are some positive aspects of societal life without coins and paper money –especially in rural areas- the negative aspects are more frequent. A cashless society will be hard for elderly people, for people with disabilities, for poor people. It should be guaranteed that even when there is a bigger swift to a cashless society. Coins and bank notes should be still available and usable for money transactions.

The second day dealt with reports from different countries (UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland) about their national way of debt advice. Great differences could be seen between these countries.

The conference was as well used to present and distribute the 13th issue of Money Matters, the journal of ecdn. The journal contains several reports from different countries and gives an overview of the state of debt advice evaluation in these countries.

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