Materials from conference Household over-indebtedness. A European strategy against over-indebtedness – What could be done at the EU level?

Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on Consumer protection and appropriate treatment of over-indebtedness to prevent social exclusion. References: CESE 791/2014 – INT/726 – Exploratory Opinion General. Rapporteur: Ms Reine-Claude Mader


Presenter: Olivier Micol – DG Justice & Consumers – European Commission – Main results of the study on households’ over-indebtedness

Presenter: Andrea Falanga – Réseau Financité & EFIN – Major findings of overindebtedness report

Panel 1: The situation of over-indebtedness at early stage

Presenter: Alin Iacob – Association of Financial Services – Users Easy credits before crisis and their consequences on consumers

Presenter: Maxime Chipoy, UFC Que Choisir – Regulation of “easy-to-obtain” small consumer loans with a high-interest rate (France)

Presenter: Richard Piggin – Which? Group – Cleaning Credits

Panel 2: Build effective tools to detect and cure debt issues at early stage

Presenter: Richard Ahlström – Malmö University – Is debt relief rehabilitative?

Presenter: Caroline Siarkiewicz – Money Advice Service – Debt advice works: Measuring the effectiveness of crisis interventions

Presenter: Jan Siebols – Vroeg er op af, City of Amsterdam – Late payment early warning project in Amsterdam

Presenter: Maxime Pekkip – Crésus Federation – Détection précoce du surendettement (Fr)

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Panel 3 EU indicators

Presenter: Camille Dümm – Belgian National Bank – Central Individual Credit Register

Presenter: Justyna Pytkowska, Microfinance Centre – Measuring over-indebtedness EU indicators

Panel 4: From a “punishment model” to a “solution oriented” approach

Presenter: Richard Ahlström – Malmö University – The debtor – criminal or victim?

Presenter: Philippe Assedo, BNP-Paribas Personal Finance – Customers in difficulty : quicker identification means better support

Presenter: Geert Lankhorst – Ministry of Security and Justice, the Netherlands – An European strategy against over-indebtedness: from a punishment-model to a solution-oriented approach

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