EKPIZO takes action to prevent the government decisions


In Greece, over the past 4 years, a constantly increasing number of households and small professionals have become overindebted because of the economic crisis and its consequences. High rates of unemployment, salary cuts, increased taxation and other austerity measures mean that not only are people unable to make their loan payments, even worse, they can’t afford their everyday necessities.

During this period, the Greek government, in an effort to support citizens, passed two laws which protected the property of those who couldn’t pay their loans in order to keep them from losing their homes. In addition, the Government decided to suspend auctions on foreclosed properties for the next year.

By the end of 2013 government should again take the same steps; however, it appears they’re moving in the opposite direction. They seem ready to allow auctions on foreclosed homes and small businesses, despite the fact that the reasons for their previous decisions to ban them still exist, and have even gotten worse.

If the government makes this new decision thousands of families will find themselves homeless, while still being in debt to the banks for the property they lost.Thousands of small professionals would risk losing not only their homes but also their business premises, thus pushing them to the fringes of society. The economic, political and social stability of our country will be put at a serious risk.


Take action! Join your voice with ours and sign the petition! Together with EKPIZO we say NO to bank foreclosure auctions on the property of Greeks suffering from the financial crisis.

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