ECDN Stakeholder Group

The stakeholder group is the ECDN’s advocacy platform. Our activities aim to increase the visibility of personal finances in the European policy debate. The members of the ECDN have the knowledge and experience which the stakeholder group translates to the European level. We work in cooperation with a variety of stakeholders: policy makers, creditors, members of the European Parliament, our partner organizations in Brussels. The goal is to create a European framework that allows national organizations active in the field of household finance and over-indebtedness, to do their work better, that is to prevent debt more effectively and to resolve debt more efficiently.

The ECDN believes that consumers in the common European marketplace have the right to professional assistance if they can no longer maintain their financial obligations. We also believe consumers have the right to have their financial problems resolved, not only to their own personal benefit but also to the benefit of society as a whole. Every Euro invested into a good system of debt regulation, saves society 2 Euros of social costs!

Our advocacy can take on different shapes and forms depending on the needs of the moment, from networking activities to writing policy documents. All activities are aimed at achieving specific long term and short term targets. These are coordinated with the ECDN Manegement Committee.

The stakeholder group has two main tasks. One is to identify the advocacy needs of our members. The other task is to identify advocacy opportunities on a European level and to contribute to an effective advocacy strategy. The members of the advocacy group have the necessary experience with these two tasks and can offer hands-on support to our Brussels activities.


ECDN Stakeholder goup blog

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EUROFOUND meeting in Brussel

Today the president of the ECDN, Sandy W. Madar, and board member, Dieter Korczak, participated in a workshop on household over-indebtedness with the Eurofound in Brussels. Among the things discussed were debt advice services and debt settlement procedures within the...

Then we could really need your help in not only mapping where our national citizens still can get free debt counseling/advise (by phone / chat)around Europe, but also where you can’t get it – So that we together across borders can help each other through this task that lies ahead of us – both on a national and in international level. Please let us hear from you!