ECDN is now led by Dieter Korczak and Kazimierz Janiak

The European Consumer Debt Network elected at its General Assembly Dieter Korczak (GP Forschungsgruppe) as President and SKEF (Society for Promotion of Financial Education) represented by Kazimierz Janiak as Vice-President. Their term will be four years. They follow ASB GmbH represented by Hans Grohs (President 2007-2015) and Réseau Financement Alternatif ASBL represented by Olivier Jerusalmy (Vice-President 2013-2015).

  • Dieter Korczak (Sociologist) is managing director of the German social research institute GP Forschungsgruppe. Since 1990 he has conducted a series of over-indebtedness studies as well as research and consultancy in the field of economic consumer behaviour, financial literacy, financial prevention and credit-scoring. Dieter Korczak: “We will restructure and vitalise ecdn to get more awareness and impact on national and European level.”
  • Kazimierz Janiak is CEO of the Society for Promotion of Financial Education (SKEF). SKEF is the Polish NGO established in 1997. SKEF is initiating, conducting and supporting actions to promote better financial education and to prevent overindebtedness. Kazimierz Janiak: “We will bring back the dynamic of ecdn and improve our relations to the European Commission.”

Both organizations participated in the ecdn research projects on financial inclusion (2005) and financial education (2007).

ECDN was founded as a non-governmental organization in 2007 and brings together 31 membership organizations from 17 European countries. The magazine “Money Matters” is published bi-annual.

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