COVID-19 has struck Europe and many industries are bleeding due to this, already thousands of people are being laid off due to immense pressure from the lockdowns which have been implemented in several European countries. We need to act now, if we want to have any chance of the nipping the upcoming crisis in the butt! The ECDN is thus calling for all our members, both active and passive, as well as all our supporters, friends and followers to help Europe in this time of need! Read more HERE.

We are trying to ensure that this information gets out to as many people as possible, this is we do this by sharing information on our social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We encourage all of our members  to send us information, which they want us to share on these social media, but also to follow us on our social media and share what we post, read more Here. This is how we ensure that this very important information gets out to as many people as possible – If you have information which you think is relevant for the ECDN to share on our social media then please contact us.

This page is updated as we receive new information.


One of the priorities in the ECDN is to help fight over-indebtedness all over Europe.

Read about other companies and organisations responses to the COVID-19 crisis in their own countries here.

The we could really need your help in not only mapping where our national citizens still can get free debt counseling/advise (by phone / chat)around Europe, but also where you can’t get it – So that we together across borders can help each other through this task that lies ahead of us – both on a national and in international level. Please let us hear from you!