1-st FLiP Financial Education Summit on the occasion of the 5th International Federation of Finance Museums (IFFM) Annual Meeting.


An event about the current status and the future of financial education, foster stronger international cooperation and raise awareness of the topic.

An international experts from academia, finance, media and politics presented their ideas and discussed the measurement and success of social education initiatives and financial education with reference to migration, the gender gap and the ageing society.

13 members of ecdn attended the FinEd Summit in the building of the Financial Life Park (FLIP) in Vienna on Thursday and Friday , 5-6 October. A broad range of aspects was presented and discussed during the two days touching financial education with seniors, migrants, women and the impact of financial education. On behalf of ecdn Elisabeth Hedin (with Therese Wieselqvist Ekman) and Dieter Korczak were on the stage.  Elisabeth and Therese were giving the keynote in the program part “financial education and migration”, Dieter presented a longer statement on financial education and migration in the opening part of the workshop.

One of the major agreements was that a so-called “A,B,C” of financial education is not existing. Financial education is a very diverse and complex process which has always to take into account and to react on the specific and differentiated situation of the target groups.

It was an effective coincidence that the new Money Matters issue 15/2017 “Financial education in Europe” was published just on time and could be distributed at the FLIP conference.

In summary the conference was a good platform to present activities and ideas of ecdn and to network with other international experts.

The Financial Life Park is impressive. The conference was well organised and the hospitality was great.

 President and Vice-President in harmony





Former ECDN-President Hans Grohs, acting President Dieter Korczak and Vice-President Kazimierz Janiak, Coordinator Bistra Vassileva and former Board member David Smejkal enjoying the get-together




    ECDN participants at the FLIP conference 2017





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