Presenters and Participants Profiles:

 Sandy Madar is the founder and CEO of the Danish organisation The Social Legal Aid (Den Sociale Retshjælps Fond), which was founded in 2007. With here more than 10 years of experience within debt – and legal issues, she has been able to create an organisation, which is now one of the leading debt -and legal counselling organisations in Denmark. The goal of The Social Legal Aid is to secure a uniform and qualified debt counselling to Danish citizens, in order for the citizens to feel secure with addressing themselves to debt counsellors with their own personal issues.” Since November 2018 she is a President of ECDN.

Dieter Korczak has a Ph.D. in sociology and Diploma in Economics. He is a member of Consumer Debt Network (CDN) from 1994-2000, a Founder member of European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN), Consultant for the European Commission, DG Internal Market and Services. He also works as: Expert Forum of Financial Services Users (Fin-USE Group), 2008-2010; Peer reviewer social inclusion for DG Employ, 2004 and 2007; Standard reference for over-indebtedness and debt advice in Germany; Reports on poverty and over-indebtedness for the German Federal Government; Numerous publications on over-indebtedness, debt advice, financial education and credit scoring. You can see his presentation here.

   Angela Black is the CEO of the Citizens Information Board Ireland, a statutory body which supports the provision of information, advice and advocacy on a broad range of public and social services some of which to ensure that individuals have access to accurate, comprehensive and clear information relating to social services, to support the provision of advice on personal debt and money management through the Money Advice and Budgeting Service. Her presentation you can see here.

 Gea Schonewille ia a scientific employee at Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information), and is mainly concerned with the financial behavior of consumers and debt problems. She has a degree in economic psychology and number of publications in the field of financial planning. Her presentation you can see here.


 Clemens Mitterlehner has graduated from business school and has broad knowledge and experience in social studies. After his education, he started to work as a debt consultant. Since 2016 he has been head of the umbrella organisation for state-recognised debt counselling in Austria. As managing director of the umbrella organisation, Clemens Mitterlehner is active in various national and international committees in order to improve the situation of over-indebted people. He is a member of the Expert Commission on the Insolvency Code (IO) in the Ministry of Justice, member of the Expert Commission on the Enforcement Order (EO) in the Ministry of Justice, representative of Austria in the European Consumer Debt Network (ECDN), as well as member of the “RoundTable Financial Education” of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB). His presentation you can see here.

 Maria Lindstedt has been working at the Swedish Consumer Agency for 12 years.The government issued in 2016 an order to the agency to work, under a period of three years, with ”Cooperation to prevent overindebtedness”. She leads the project. Besides the consumer agency,involved in the project are also the Swedish Enforcement Authority and the Swedish Enforcement Authority. Her presentation you can see here.

 Sari Nyholm is part of the Guarantee Foundation Finland, an organization that promotes and develops means of assistance in financial management and social security as well as voluntary debt arrangements. Her presentation you can see here.


 Janine Ottenhof has worked in the field of debt relief for about 18 years. Currently she is a Team leader Insolvency at Zuidweg and Partners, and organizations for debt settlement specifically for entrepreneurs and former entrepreneurs.Before Zuidweg and Partners she has worked – amongst others – at the NVVK as a legal advisor, and at the Gemeentelijke Kredietbank Assen in different positions. Her presentations you can see here and here.

 Mikkel Winston is the CEO of Finans 247, and member of the board in Danish Credit Council (Dansk Kredit Rad). Mikkel has gained extensive experience with the topic on over-indebtedness in Denmark from Experian (RKI), Bisnode, Intrum Justitia, and Ferratum Group.The association, he is member of, has a sub group representing the non-bank digital lenders in Denmark. His presentation you can see here.

 Francesco Gaetano is a policy officer of the European Commission and works in the Directorate General for Justice and Consumers. He deals since several years with consumer protection issues, in particular in the area of financial services. In this context he has coordinated the Study on households’ overindebtedness that the EU Commission has published in 2013 and the Workshop on Debt-Advice that the Commission has organised in June 2015 during the Consumer Summit. His presentation you can see here.

 Marcel Warnaar is part of Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information). He gives advice and does research in various fields that touch the (virtual) wallet of households. The emphasis of his work is on residential and credit costs, purchasing power and financial planning in the long term. His presentation you can see here.


Kirsten Munk is a political consultant in the secretary of The Council for Socially Marginalized (Rådet for Socialt Udsatte), Denmark. The Council for Socially Marginalized is a governmental council appointed by the Danish Minister of Children and Social Services. The council brings focus to the
societal understanding of social vulnerability as well as the impact of overall societal politics on social vulnerable people. Socially vulnerable means people with complex social problems including homelessness, addition to alcohol or drugs, psychological disorders, poorness, etc.Kirsten Munk’s presentation was on how socially marginalized people are prone to indebtedness. Her presentation you can see here.

Frederik Giese Head of Project, The Danish Consumer Council. He works on the prevention of debt problems among young people (18-30 years) and debt counseling. Frederik has contributed to the release of the following reports: ‘Economic Hardship among Young Adults’ and ‘Consumer Credit Among Young Adults’. The reports are based on a questionnaire survey among approx. 2000 Danish youth between 18-30 years. His presentation you can see here.

   Kjeld Gosvig-Jensen will be the legal director and Finance Denmark on 1 July 2018. Prior to that he was employed for 35 years in Arbejdernes Landsbank, the horn of which is the legal director and director of the direction. His presentation you can see here.