Together we are at our strongest!

To make sure that we have an impact on both a national, but also a European level, we need to work together across borders, sectors, industries, interests etc. – If we do not work together with other organisations, association, compagnies and institutions it will become harder, if not impossible, to reach our goals of a more financially inclusive Europe where over-indebtedness is a thing of the past! To this aim, the ECDN has several collaborations and partners across Europe with whom we work together on projects and events – Below you can see some of our collaborations and partners.

Citizens Information Board (CIB)

The Citizens Information Board is the statutory body, which supports the provision of information, advice, money advice and advocacy services to members of the public on the broad range of social services in Ireland. Citizens Information Board comes within the remit of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

The Board’s mission is to ensure that individuals have easy access to high quality, independent information, advice, advocacy and budgeting services on a confidential basis so that they can identify their needs and access their entitlements.

The Board produces a number of publications and runs the website.  Services are delivered both directly (through the website) and through the 21 organisations we fund (see below).

CIB funds and supports 21 delivery service companies:

  • 8 Citizens Information Services (CISs)
  • 8 Money Advice and Budgeting Services (MABS)
  • National Advocacy Service for people with disabilities (NAS)
  • Citizens Information Phone Service (CIPS)
  • MABS Support CLG
  • National Traveller MABS
  • Sign Language Interpreting Services

Finance Watch

Finance Watch is an independently funded public interest association dedicated to making finance work for the good of society. 

Its goal is to have a sustainable banking and financial system built around investing not betting that allocates capital to productive use through fair and open markets, in a transparent and sustainable manner without exploiting or endangering society at large.

Finance Watch’s mission is to strengthen the voice of society in the reform of financial regulation by conducting advocacy, presenting public interest arguments to lawmakers and the public as well as providing technical know-how and coordination for our civil society network.

Finance Watch’s members include consumer groups, housing associations, trade unions, NGOs, financial experts, academics and other civil society groups that collectively represent millions of citizens from all over Europe. 

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Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB)

The Irish Banking Culture Board (“IBCB”) was established in April 2019, and is an independent industry initiative, fully funded by the five retail banks operating in Ireland (Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, KBC Bank Ireland, Permanent TSB and Ulster Bank) with the aim of rebuilding trust in the sector through demonstrating a change in behaviour and overall culture in Irish banking. 

The Board is independent with a non-banking majority, whose members are drawn from across Irish society.  The role of the IBCB is to be an independent voice advocating for cultural change in the Irish banking industry to improve culture, customer outcomes and competence. Rooted in the knowledge that a changed culture will change outcomes, the IBCB promotes ethical behaviour and advocates for humanity, decency and respect in the banking sector.

The IBCB’s current work programme consists of key themes; including the needs of vulnerable customers; the importance of clear, transparent and timely communication with bank customers, in particular in times of personal or systemic crises; supports for local communities, especially in rural Ireland; and supports for bank staff. 

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Social Platform

Social Platform is the leading alliance uniting networks of civil society organisations advocating for social justice and participatory democracy in Europe. Driven by a membership of 47 pan-European networks, Social Platform campaigns to ensure that EU policies are developed in partnership with the people they affect, respecting fundamental rights, promoting solidarity and improving lives.

Our work is grounded in a rights-based approach encompassing human dignity, gender equality and equality for all, respect for diversity, solidarity, freedom, social justice, sustainability, transparency and participatory democracy. While the actions of Social Platform focus primarily on the European Union level, we also support the promotion of these values at a global level.

Our membership has a comprehensive understanding of social realities on the ground. It includes service providers, social economy enterprises, self-advocates and human rights defenders, the majority of whom have direct experience of building inclusive societies in practice and can demonstrate what is possible.

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