We are pleased to inform you that the European Consumer Debt Network is currently looking to expand its member structure and is open for registration for all those, who are interested in its activities.

If you want to become a member please fill the application form below.

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I, the undersigned, representing, , applicant for membership in ECDN, declare on my honor that the information contained in the application for ECDN membership is correct and complete.

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is not bankrupt or being wound uphas the operational capacity and the operational resources (technical, management) to successfully participate as an active member in the ECDNaccepts the statues and internal rules of the ECDN and supports its specific purposeand is active in the fields, listed in article 2 of the ECDN statutes

I declare that the annual membership fee of
365 € will be paid at the beginning of each calendar year. The first year of ECDN membership is free.


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